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[双语文摘] 真正的愤怒的小鸟要飞到中国来了



Angry Birds’ new challenge may be a bit steeper than knocking down a shoddy structure onto a few static pigs.

愤怒的小鸟的新 挑战,也许会 比撞倒几只静止小猪粗制滥 造的堡垒更险峻一点。

Rovio Entertainment Ltd., the Finnish game developer behind the Angry Birds franchise, is trying to grow from a mobile game company into a global brand and a big part is a full-on marketing blitz in China, which it says is its second-largest market after the U.S.Even though fake Angry Birds products abound in the country, Rovio ChinaGeneral Manager Paul Chen is undaunted.

罗维奥(Rovio)公司,芬兰游 戏开发商,开发 了愤怒的小鸟系列,正在努力从一个手机游戏公司成长为一个国际品牌,其 中很大一部分是要在中国大 打营销战,他们 表示中国是仅次 于美国得第 二大市场。虽 然山寨的愤怒的小鸟的相关产品充满了中国,但是罗 维奥公司的中 国总经理Paul Chen毫不畏惧。

Though Rovio has previously targeted the China market with specific initiatives, like a level designed around China’s Mid-Autumn Festival, the company opened its office in Shanghai earlier this year and Mr. Chen said in an interview it will be rolling out a number of new programs in the coming 18 months.

虽然罗维奥公 司之前对中国的市场有了 具体的目标定位,比如中秋节前后设计新的游戏关卡,今年早些时候,他们在上海设立了办公室,Chen先生在 一次采访中说,接下来的18个月里,将会有展开一系 列的新的游戏 项 目。

The first of those is a new Angry Birds game designed for the China market ahead of the London Olympics this summer. Centered on a drum motif that elicits the opening ceremonies in the Beijing opening ceremony four years ago, users compete with others online to hit Chinese-style drums scattered throughout the levels.

第一个就是在今年夏天的伦 敦奥运会之前,一款 为中国市场设计的新版愤怒的小 鸟游戏。一正中心的鼓为主题,引出四年前背景奥 运会的开幕 式场景,玩家们在线与其他人 比赛击打带有中国风的 鼓,每一关都 分布在不同的地方。

In an animation accompanying the game, a pack of Angry Birds characters join iconic Chinese Olympic athletes like badminton player Lin Dan and hurdler Liu Xiang as they reclaim a golden drum from the pigs, their recurring enemies in the game franchise.

在游戏的相关动画中,当愤怒 的小鸟从它们游 戏中永远的宿敌,猪的手里夺 回金鼓的时候,它们会和中国奥运选手(如羽毛球运 动员林丹和跨栏运 动员刘翔)的动画形象结合在一起。

Then in July, the company will open its first two retail stores in Shanghai and Beijing, but Mr. Chen says the company will be opening several hundred stores across China over the next year and a half. As with many popular branded products in China, many items bearing counterfeit Angry Bird images and patterns are for sale in China.

接着在七月,罗维奥公司的两家 零售店将首次在上海和北京开张,但是Chen先生说,公司在 明年再加后年的半年内,将会 在中国各地开起数百家的商店。和许多大受欢 迎的品  牌在中国一样,带着山寨版愤怒的小鸟图 片和样子的商品在中国均有出 售。

But Mr. Chen said he believed once Chinese fans were given a chance to buy genuine Angry Bird products, they would.

但是Chen先生说他相信,一 旦中国的粉丝有机 会买 到真正的愤怒的小鸟的产品,他们会买正品的。

“There’s an educational process to say, OK, this is the official, this is the unofficial product. With the official you’ll get exclusive designs, things others don’t have, your friend who might have an unofficial T-shirt, they’re not cool anymore because you have the latest official design,” he said. “It’s kind of like the way fashion works, where the uncool guy has last year’s fall collection and you have this year’s fall collection.”

“这有一个使人信服的过程,要说,这是官方的产品,那是非官方的产品。从官方购买,你会拿到绝 无仅 有的设计,其他地方买 不到的,你的朋友也 许有一件非官方的T恤,但他们再也不酷了,因为你拿到了最 新的官方设计,”她说。“这就有点像是时尚的,不酷的人拿的是去 年秋装, 而你拿的是今年的。”

He added that the company also plans to include special levels and other game features that are linked to the purchase of official products, so those who buy the sometimes-misshapen fake Angry Bird stuffed animal will miss out on some of the perks offered to those who buy the real thing.

他补充道,公司还计划加一些特殊的关卡和其他的和购买官方商品有联系的游戏特点,这样那些 买了有时很丑陋的假 冒玩具的人,就会错过一些只给购买正品的人的特 权。

Finally on Oct. 1, China’s National Day, the company will be opening its first theme park in a city outside ofShanghai. The park, which will feature rides as well as a large interactive playground, will be the first of several locations opening in the next year and a half, Mr. Chen said.

最后,在十月1号,中国国庆节,公司将在上海 外边 的一个城市 开启它的首 个主题公园。这个主题公园将会以飞车和大型互 动式游乐场为特色,将会是一年半中在多个地点里首 个开放的公园。

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