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[双语文摘] 篮球为朝鲜带来和平

Seoul (CNN) -- Luke Elie claims he and his American basketball team introduced the high five to North Korea.
It's a big claim, but anything's possible after the group of fourteen players and coaches held a week of training camps for North Korean students in the capital, Pyongyang.

卢克埃利表示 他和他 的美国篮球代表队"hihg 5"将会到朝鲜进行友 谊赛.此行意义重大.但当他们球队 十四 人一行抵达 朝鲜首都 平壤之后并与朝鲜学生展开训练时,什么都有可能发生.

"We really wanted to promote basketball, diplomacy, friendship, break those barriers," said Elie who founded the club -- Coaches Team -- while living in South Korea. The club's stated mission is to "use basketball to break down political and social boundaries that exist all around the globe."

“我们真的愿意突 破这些障碍,促进篮球、外交、友谊的发展.,”埃利目前 居住在韩国,他是俱乐部——"教练团队"的创建者。俱乐部的目标是“用篮球来打破世界各地的政治与社会 隔阂.。”

Growing up with his missionary parents in South Korea close to the DMZ -- or demilitarized zone, separating north and south -- Elie always wanted to see what was happening in Pyongyang. "North Korea was a place that was so close yet so far away."
Elie believes his was the first American basketball team ever to visit North Korea. His intention was to foster friendships and build trust through sport.

埃利与他的传教士 父母一起在韩国DMZ(非军事区)附近度过童年,北部和 南部分隔使得埃利总想知道平壤发生 了什么。“朝鲜是个如此遥远的地方。” 埃利相信他是第一个出访朝鲜的美国篮球队。他希望 他通过这项体育运动来建立信任和培养友谊.

"We wanted to... bring in a whole team of Americans and say hey we're not those guys you see on posters," he said. "We're not those guys you hate so much, we want to be separated from the government and let the government do whatever they want."

“我们想带来一个你们说"hey!"的美国团队来,而不是你们在海报上看到的美国人.(自行 脑补抗战时候的鬼子兵海报)”。“我们不是你们想象中的那些讨厌 的家伙,我们代表我们自己,而不是我们的政府。”

Relations between Washington and Pyongyang have long been strained. Tensions rose earlier this year after the North Korean regime defied international warnings and launched a long-range rocket. The U.S. and other countries saw the launch as cover for a ballistic missile test.

美国和朝鲜之间的关系一直很紧 张。今年早些时候,朝鲜政府无视国际社会的警告,发射了一枚远程火箭,使得 紧张局势加剧。美 国和其他国 家谴责这次火箭发射是为了掩 盖其弹道导弹试验。

But Coaches Team was adamant their visit would ignore politics. The players had far more interaction with North Koreans than most tourists do, although Elie admits the students they trained were suspicious of them in the beginning.

但"教练团队"坚持他们访问无关乎政治。尽管埃利承认他们在最开始训练学生的时候曾被怀疑,但团队球员们还是 比 其他游客更能接 近普通朝 鲜人.

"At first there was distance," he said. "But before the end of the games and practicing sessions, the kids were definitely laughing with us. It took a while to get laughs out of the kids, we didn't know why they didn't smile."

“最开始和朝鲜人 曾有过距离,”他说。“但是在讨论战术 和 比赛 的结束的时候,孩子们都会向我们笑。这些花了好一 阵子才笑出来的孩子,我们不知道他们一开始为什么不会笑。”

Basketball is one American import that the North Korean leadership may not object to. The young leader Kim Jong Un is believed to love the sport as did his father, the late Kim Jong Il, who is rumored to have been a big fan of basketball star Michael Jordan. Elie hopes that may help when they try to return next year.

篮 球可能 算是 少数朝鲜领导人不会反对的进口玩意。朝鲜年轻的领导人金正恩喜欢这项 运动 是源 于他的 父亲, 已故的金正日据说 是大球星迈克 尔·乔丹的粉丝。在埃利明年回国之前,他们团队可能会对朝鲜蓝球事业有所帮助。

But even though the trip was a sporting one, the team did not escape the usual North Korean propaganda. They were taken by their tour group to the USS Pueblo, a U.S. Navy spy ship captured by Pyongyang in 1968 and told stories of the "US imperialists," but that didn't seem to phase Elie.

但即使这次旅 行只是一次体育 交流,他们的球队也没有逃脱朝鲜的例行宣传。他 们被旅行团带去参观了美国军舰普韦布 洛号,在一艘1968年被 捕获的美国 海军间 谍船上讲述朝鲜版的"美帝国主义"故事.虽 然这次旅行并不在埃利的计划之中.

"We tried not to look to the anti-Americanism or the propaganda, we knew it was coming, we were briefed ahead of time and we didn't want to get caught up in that."

“我们 尽量不去 看那些反美宣传,虽然我们知道这一刻迟早会到来并提前进行了通报,但我们 不希 望卷入其中。”

The group also attended a Protestant church service. Human rights groups claim that North Korean Christians have faced persecution in the past for practicing their religion. "To actually go there and be a part of a church service of that kind was actually very shocking, it was very enlightening and actually a very interesting experience," said Elie, himself a Christian.

埃利的球队还参加了一个新教教堂的弥撒。人权团体宣称,朝鲜 迫害那些有宗教背景的人。“事实上真正去教堂做弥撒的人令自己 很震撼,这对自己启发,算得上一个非常有趣的经历,”埃利说. 埃利本人信奉基督教。

And there was the obligatory visit to the huge bronze statues of North Korean founder Kim Il Sung and his son Kim Jong Il. Other sightseeing tours included Pyongyang's funfair and the famous Juche Tower, named after Kim Il Sung's principle of "Juche" or "self-reliance."

那些必须参观的景点包 括朝鲜创始人金日成和他的儿子金正日巨大青铜雕塑。其他观光项目包括平 壤的游 乐场 和由金日成的原则“自主”或“自力更生”命名的主题思想塔。

The players and coaches raised $50,000 themselves to fund the trip. They're hoping to find sponsorship for future visits -- and Elie is determined there will be more training tours.

埃利的团队们自己筹集了50000美元的旅行资金。 他们希望能找到赞助以帮助埃利未来的"训练之旅"。

"We've seen as athletes and as someone who's played and traveled all around the world and with groups that have done likewise," he said "We've seen what basketball can do to break down barriers or race, religion and anything else you could ever imagine."

“我们已经看到了身为 运动员所 能做到的事情,他们走遍了全世界并做到了和其他团队一样的事,”埃利说,“我 们现在已经了解了篮球这项运动可以打破种族、宗教以及其它任何你所能想象得到的障碍."

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